Kevin J. Bowman

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Information Technology

Development, Empowerment & Relationship

Development, lies all the core of all great function. In the digital age information is a valuable assest. Information should be held to the same planning and expectations of other personal and corporate assests. Empowerment, of your digital information to acheieve your personal and corporate goals should be the measure of all information technology progress. Information Technology is a tool to your success, it is not a measure of success in itself. Relationship, seems to be a missing link in so much of the information technology world. This is a great mistake of our time. I am determined to use my skills in IT to foster relationships that leads to IT development that empowers, not hinder the progress of organizations I am serving. Good human policy is good IT policy.

IT Generalist

15 Years in Small Business.

Internet Development - iphone web appLarge companies have an advantage in this digital age. I believe small business needs to match that advantage, we need our most valuable data available exactly when and where the market demands it. In my work in the construction industry I have developed mobile web apps that allow key field supervisors to share information between the office and their workers. In the home services industry I have expedited the ability of in-home estimators to measure and accurately quote customers on the spot.
Hourly Rate - $60 per hour

Network Design - The ability to share information and resources is a must today. I have worked in design and maintainance for 10 years in making that information and resource sharing a reality. If you have needs, I have solutions. I am experienced in the install and performance of wired and wireless networking. I can configure efficient secure solutions for your on-site and off-Site employees on company owned and employee owned technology.
Hourly Rate - $90 per hour on-site

PC Support -I have observed 2 things which I believe could change the PC Help Desk world,they are concern and kindness. I provide onsite and offsite support that embodies these two principles. I will LISTEN to you and your team, and I will support you in a way which leaves you feeling instructed and able to be more productive in your technology usage. You small business sucess demands both you and your staff have a high level of competency in the their digital tools. I am commited to support that brings that kind of competency.
Hourly Rate - $90 per hour on-site & $60 per hour off-site