Kevin J. Bowman

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Sustainable Culture

Development, Empowerment & Relationship

Development, we are all building something. Perhaps it's our portfolio, perhaps it's our reputation, perhaps it's a better self; no matter what it is though our life so long as we are living it, is constructing a presence in this world. Empowerment, is the result of what matters to us. The people, places, and things we prioritize are empowered by the mere reality of being prioritized. Relationship, is at the core of what I desire to be developing and empowering with the time I have here on earth. I am certain about very little, but this I know, "People Matter!" It is relationships developed and empowered on that premise which will preserve a sustainable culture.

Variable Engagement

Projects & Ideas That Excite Me.

Organic Gardening - Organic gardenI am excited by, but not very talented at this whole gardening thing. I am currently in my second year of gardening, and so I do feel I have time to learn and grow. I currently practice container gardening using a drip irrigation system I am developing myself based on the idea of "Aquaglobes" but using recyled materials. I have several vermicompost bins, and will soon be building my first anaerobic compost bin. This is all motivated by my belief that we need a new agrarianism, one that is local urban and integrated directly into our homes and neighborhood. I am inspired by the work of Urban Farm, Urban Homestead, Anarchy in The Garden, and Seed Leaf.

Theatre - After a six year hiatus from the stage, I am acting again with a wonderful community theatre group Take A Bow Showcase. Community theatre is a great assest to any community as it brings involvement, culture, and discipline to the community and to those involved. I have been so blessed to have worked with Take A Bow on a couple shows now.

Teaching - An odd passion to list since I am not currently doing any. I LOVE children and teenagers. I believe the more each is equipped with education, critical thinking, and creativity the better the entire human experience will be. I believe each generation has a responsibilty to empower the next gerneration to achieve a better humanity than we achieved. I currently work as a full time IT Guy, but my dream is to very soon work in an enviroment that allows myself and also incorporates others into transfering our skills, passion and education into a younger generation, especially those who have been oppressed by hopeless cultural sterotypes and assumptions.

Solar Cooking - Solar OvenWe live in a world of both limited, and unlimited resources. The people and powers that dominate our world's empires control that domination through the scarcity of those limited resources. Alternative energy sources, from those resources which are limitless, are necessary both to ensure the general continuation of our species and more importantly to empower those most negatively affected by these social institutions. I combine my passion for the alternative resources and my passion for creating wonderful food, in the art of Solar Cooking. Follow my Solar Sous Twitter Account to see what the sun is cooking.

Theology - I love to study and talk theology. I love to engage people in the ways they think about the mystery that is beyond our understanding.  I am attempting to live my life as a follower of the way of Jesus, but have not yet embraced the full mystery of self-abnegating love.  As for those writers and thinkers I am most influenced by I would list Leo Tolstoy, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King Jr, Stanley Hauerwas, Mark Van Steenwyk, J.H. Yoder, & Cornel West. Follow my Twitter Account to see what I'm thinking about.

Outdoor Adventure - BikingHiking, Biking, and Camping are activities that I love to participate in as a family. There is no better way to communicate a love for, and sense of gratitude toward this amazing planet we are a part of than to invest a wealth of childhood memories into my children that are connected to the wonder of this place. Our indoor lifestyle, with it's energy, water, and entertainment piped in as commoditized utilities have instilled in us all a sense of social isolation and resource entitlement. In connecting back to the outdoors by willingly becoming a part of the actual system that supports us we regain our sense of community symbiosis and ecological interdependence.